The MAN GUILTY!!! Of wanting THE NWO!!! (He admits it)



There has been some MAJOR issues surrounding this whole ObamaCare health act. So im here to pass along some information.

What grinds my gears #2 😡😡😡

You see me unfortunately i have to get around via public transportation.  And man do i hate it… You know what grinds my gears the most? The people. Now i know that its a public traveling system, so therefore it will be a bunch of folk at times. But damn, can you get ya ass out my face? Put ya damn arm down, them things stink. Or somebody is pushing me. Or i cant get off at my stop… Well anyway viewers. Thats my what grinds my gears for the day. 

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Its about time…

Its about time, that as “BLACK” people.  We stop standing and start fighting. But not each other and not PHYSICALLY.  HOW than? You might ask. EASY! Via them BOOKS and the KNOWLEDGE they posses. You see the “white” man knew that the best way to keep us uninformed, was to BRAINWASH and DISTRACT us. Mean while they teaching there own kind all they need to know to win. How? Via them books we all fail to pick up. They have us so focused on all the wrong things, that we’re blind to whats going on in our own back yards.  

But stay tuned.. 

Part 2 coming soon… 


Sometimes though unwanted we’re forced to settle. Into either a relationship or lifestyle. One that may not be beneficial to you on many levels, I get that all too well. Anyway! As annoying and dreadful as it may be, sometimes we have to condition ourselves, to bring forth a greater TRUTH! VOICE! And even LIGHT! If you let it… Think about it! If you CONDITION you groom or maintain. RIGHT? So isn’t it possible for us to CONDITION OURSELVES and our RELATIONSHIPS,  to reflect the good character of SETTLING!  Not EVERYTHING ! that’s shiny,  silver. 

What a day! (Poem)

Sitting in my room
“What a day it has been”
Im all alone
No family or friends
Feeling abused and confused,
Lost in a daze feeling used
But shame on me, i knew what you was into
Im to blame
Cuz I stood for your games
Tho i knew the lines you saying
Had me going anyway
Now im like damn what a day


Why? Did the chicken cross the road

Why? Did they assinate Kennedy

Why? They up there messing with them aliens

I find myself wanting to know WHY more and more each day. 

Do YOU???!